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Good for The Heart Safe Sex Men

Jakarta, safe sex and correct, beneficial for the health of men and womenbecause it can boost the immune system. But specifically for heart health, sex was more beneficial to men.

Researchers from the New England Research Institute, Massachusettswas quoted as saying on Saturday (05/02/2011) prove the men who had sex at least 2 times a week less at risk of heart disease than men whoonly have sex once a month or less.

However, similar benefits are not found in women. In women, sex flight ofincreasing the sensitivity of the sense of smell due to the release of the hormone prolactin in addition to immunity.

The survey, published the American Journal of Cardiology, found as a protective factor suspected cardiac health is an emotional attachment totheir partners and low stress.

The stages of lovemaking from foreplay (heating), intercourse (sexual intercourse) until orgasm make a mancan burn calories to 200 calories.

The amount is almost equal to the gym to walk for 15 minutes. During sex the heart rate increases, this is the same as people who exercise at the gym.

While researchers from the University of Pennsylvania found that people who have sex 1-2 times a week havelevels of antibody immunoglobulin A 30 percent higher than people who rarely have sex.

People who have a healthy heart characteristics are:

1. Having a normal blood pressure, which has a systolic (the upper limit when the heart contractions) 120mmHg and diastolic (the lower limit when the heart is relaxing) 80 mmHg or often referred to 120/80 mmHg.

2. It has a total cholesterol that is normal under 200 mg / dL and high if above 239 mg / dl. Total cholesterol, LDL(bad) should be below 150 mg / dl. Total cholesterol, HDL (good) must be above 35 mg / dl. Total triglyceride levels should be below 200 mg / dl.

3. Normal heart rate
In healthy adults, while it's resting heart rate is normal is around 60-100 beats per minute (bpm).

Consult your doctor if you consistently rate above 100 bpm (tachycardia) or below 60 bpm (bradycardia),especially if accompanied by other symptoms such as dizziness, shortness of breath or frequent fainting

To get the maximum heart rate is done by reducing the age from 220. Suppose the age of 40 years, then themaximum amount is 180 bpm.

By doing these simple tests, one can find out whether pulsation jantunya normal or not. It is also useful as aninitial diagnosis of the presence or absence of cardiovascular disorders.

4. Having a normal weight and adequate sleep.
Fatigue due to lack of sleep can hamper poduksi leptin or appetite-suppressing hormone, so the size of the meal not being in control. If weight loss is out of control, the risk of heart attack can occur at any time.

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