How to Memorize Fast

How to Memorize Fast

How to Memorize Fast
  1. Sport Memory

    We need to know, that the human brain as well as muscle. If the muscles are not processed, then the muscles will be weak, but otherwise if processed will be strong. So also with the brain. The brain will be weak if not processed, and will be strong when processed.

    One way is through sports memory.

    Steps sports memory:
    1. Setting up the place with the use, site system
    2. Setting up the words that will be remembered
    3. Saving those words on the spot who has been assigned
    4. Calling the words who is saved by step to a powered on-3
    Allocation time-out to remember is 2 minutes. If you are able to recall 25 words in 2 minutes, then your concentration has increased. Do memory of this sport every day, then you will get tremendous benefits.

  2. Site System

    Is a technique of storing information on a regular basis by placing the information we shall recall (memorize) in places - who powered on the set.

    How to create a site system:
    1. The place should be familiar
    2. Places must be seen clearly
    3. The place is divided into several areas
    4. Places must be imagined

  3. Relation Systems

    Is a technique to remember information by linking information with each other information with the action. Relation systems used to memorize the pairs such as vocabulary, the name of the state and its capital, names of rivers and provinces.

    Examples of the use of actions in relation system;
    Money coming into the fan
    Wheels hit the bucket
    Cats eat salad

    Entered into, bumping, and eating is the action. Action is to pull the information in front, so the information is there in front of him did not forget.

  4. Story System

    Is a technique for recall information to those ways of linking information with other information into a story.

    Bird - clothes - a cloud - coca cola - mountain - rabbits - a gun - a crocodile - a tree - the crater

    How to memorize;
    Bird wearing clothes, flew into the clouds to drink coca cola, flew to the mountain, met a rabbit carrying a gun, to shoot a crocodile who slept under a tree near the crater.

  5. Mnemonic
    Is a technique to memorize the abstract characteristic of those ways to change the word abstract tsbt into concrete objects who can be imagined

    Mnemonic is divided into two, namely:
    • The system overview is a technique to memorize abstract information in a way describing the word abstract into something concrete. To describe the activities could be, something like people, food, etc..

      Excited described with: people who are happy
      Yogyakarta is described by: Borobudur
      Jakarta described the Monas
    • Sound system of equations, is a technique to memorize the information based on the equation reads

      Singapore became a Singa