Beware When Exercising Hard Heart Cramps


Jakarta, Sports such as football, futsal, badminton, tennis, running track and field sports including examples of hard because it has the explosivemovements that can quickly raise the pulse. In order not to cause harm to the body of the sport's match with a dose and your age.

Sports doctor who has extended experience dealing with PSSI and, SpKO, FACSM (K) said that sports can causeproblems if not done according to the dosage, type of exercise and age.

"People who ignore the problem of safe sport doses according to age, somany cases of people who died after the sport," said DR Suhantoro indiscussion with detikHealth, Saturday (05/02/2011).

When people are aged 20-25 years or up to a maximum of 30 years, the body can still do to compensate for a heavy sport activities.

But when one's age is above 30 years then one needs to know the dose and type of exercise is safe according to age.

When exercising, says Dr Suhantoro, heart rate, systolic blood pressure (top), and cardiac output (amount of blood pumped per heart beat) all increase.

Blood flow to the heart, muscles, and skin also increased. As a result, the body's metabolism becomes more active in producing CO2 (carbon dioxide / oxide acid) and H + (proton ion) in the muscle.

Eventually people will breathe faster and deeper to supply more oxygen due to this increased metabolism. Butvigorous exercise that makes the body's metabolism can no longer rely solely on the supply of oxygen but theuse of biochemical processes.

This biochemical process to produce lactic acid which then enters the bloodstream. This buildup of lactic acidwill make the body feel tired during exercise. Oxygen levels are also declining due to the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the blood. If the oxygen down the body's cells would die.

"So there are billions of blood off when you are exercising, because when people exercise the body will becomesour, Ph should be around 6.7 to 6.8. But it should be in the alkaline condition of pH 7,"said DR Suhantoro.

There is a threat of death if the Ph of the body during exercise due to exhaustion reached Ph 6.3. This is whatcauses muscle cramps and cramps occur heart that makes a lot of people having a heart attack afterexercising.

The body needs about 30 minutes to neutralize this acid by means of rest. "So that if the body is strugglingshould rest first, not be forced to run and hold it for recovery," said the doctor Suhantoro who is now 67 years old.

How dose a safe sport?

According to DR Suhantoro safe way is to measure the pulse maximum (DNM). DNM is a maximum pulse rate, calculated with the formula DNM = 220 - age, then multiplied by the intensity of 60-70 percent DNM burn fat.

DR Suhantoro exemplifies the 40-year-old man who when he exercise the DNM is 220-40 = 180. Then thenumber 180 multiplied by 60 percent to limit light and 70 percent for the upper limit of 108-126 per minuteresults.

By knowing the pulse, the 40-year-old man who must pause from exercise when his pulse has exceeded 126per minute. If it still happens is that cramps forced the heart that makes a heart attack.

To calculate your heart rate can be a way to calculate pulse near the hand or a more practical use of existingclock pulse.

"Once again, to note the condition of the heart rate during exercise should not exceed the maximum limit thatcan harm the heart," remembers Dr. Suhantoro.

If it is felt beyond the dose when running in futsal for example, just give the balls to other people who are stillstrong. One more moment of rest drink water with a temperature of 15-16 degrees or drinks manisdengansugar levels from 2.5 to 5 percent. "Drinks that are too cold will be difficult absorbed body because the bodytemperature after moderate exercise in hot conditions,"explained Dr Suhantoro

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