Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4


Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Flag ship the latest Lamborghini; Aventador LP700-4 has been widely discussed and reviewed by various media appearances, ranging from online, print and television since late last year. Lamborghini has also officially introduced the supersport ranging from the Geneva Motor Show in early March 2011, then at a special event "Made in Italy" in Rome and Shanghai Auto Expo last April.
The greatness of supersport car that sold $ 400,000 or approximately USD 3.42 billion also has been revealed. However, not many know, stands for LP 700-4. Apparently LP stands for longitudinal Posteriore: engine mounted lengthwise in the back seat.

Then 700 demonstrate the ability of this supersportcar engine produces 700 PS power and 4 is the motion system of four-wheel or 4-wheel drive alias AWD (All-Wheel Drive). The ability of the engine produces 690 Nm@5.500 rpm torque.

Actually, not counting the Lambo engine very sophisticated. The reason, to supply gasoline to the engine, not to utilize the technology of gasoline direct injection (GDI). In fact, its parent, Audi, instead is using the technology. However, according to the head of R & D Lamborghini Automobile, Maurizio Reggiani was quoted by the online, the ability of computers to car engines, half a million per second. Great!

Sophisticated cockpit
as a car that was born this year, Lamborghini directly embeds technology communication (telemetric), entertainment and electronic systems on-board (the default). As a result, the cabin, particularly around the driver's cockpit work, very different compared with the previous Lamborghini. Especially the model it replaces, Murcielago.

Now, console or the center of the dashboard already stretched 7-inch TFT LCD screen that can display various information to function as multimedia. Hence, today's gadgets, like iPods, USB, Bluetooth and navigation systems.

Another distinctive feature, so the machine is turned on through the start / stop, the car immediately escalates so that the future can prevent caught on humps or uneven roads.

Today's technology is installed in this car is a bi-xenon, LED daylight lights, automatic air conditioning with sun sensor, rain sensor for wipers, outside mirrors are adjustable and folded / opened from inside by pressing a button.

Also the more complete security system including a two-stage air bags, adaptive airbags for the passenger, air bags for head and chest, and knee. To facilitate the driver, is now used electronic parking brake that came with the system and immobilizer anti-theft, Auto-Lock, tire pressure monitor system, ABS, EBD, ASR, ESC, electronically controlled rear spoiler, black brake calipers, manual transmission with automatic shift 7 -acceleration (also called transmission robot) from Haldex.

The result, with third gear the car was able to speed up 160 kpj. The greatness of others, shift took place in 50 milliseconds. Other performance - a claim the factory - spectacular, sprint from 0-100 kpj (km / h) was only 2.9 seconds and top speed 350kpj. No less great, the speed of 300 km / h can be reached in 24 minutes.

Graphic Tachometer
No less interesting is the tachometer with today's technology. Remain stylish appearance of the needle, but using animation graphics. This tachometer work until 8500 rpm engine speed, appearing with bright colors.

The figure includes a large Aventador. This can be seen from the dimensions: length 4780 mm, width 2030 mm (eggs rearview mirror is closed), height 1136 mm (all flat!), and 2700 mm wheelbase. Appearances car more stylish with Pirelli P-Zero tires Corsa, 22/35-19 front and 335/30-20 in the rear.

To support the ability of these fierce, Lamborghini provide gas tank capacity of 90 liters. However, the amount of gasoline as much as it can only be for a distance of about 500 km. The reason, claims Lamborghini, car fuel consumption (combined) 17.2 liter/100km or 5.8 KPL (kilometers per liter)!

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