How to Find True Love


In daily life of human community, people always meet each other for relationship. Can you live without relationship? No! We can not. If you can live without relationship that means you can live alone. Because relationship is a string, a connection for people to connect each other. No relationship, your life will be connectionless, no meaning, will be quiet. Because of relationship, people can see each other, contact each other until they get to know each other. When people meet each other, they will have different type of relationship. Some people meet each other to discuss business, to solve any problem they face in daily life. Some people meet each other to make friend, as they never know each other before. While they are making friends, most people find out more about their relationship, especially the relationship between a man and a woman. They can say that first it's just a normal friendship, but when they are having closed relationship, closer and closer until they know each other well, some people know heart by heart, it becomes love relationship, they start loving each other. After they love each other, they agree to get married and live for long life with each other until the end of their lives. So that means for such relationship people know that they have found true love.

So How to Find True Love?

This is a kind of question that people, especially adults that they are having a love relationship or finding true long life love friend or simply called 100 year-friend. How to find true love? Finding true love is something like you are finding a true thing that you predetermined or the thing you want. For example, if you want to buy a clothe. Before you got to market, you will think whether what kind of clothe, what color, which size that best suited to you. After you thought clearly the clothe that you want to buy, then you go to market to buy your desired clothe. Hey! Finding true love is easy like buying the clothe? Yeah, it still not easy like buying clothe. Sometimes people can not get the thing as they want. At the point that it's the same as buying clothe is that before you love a person you should consider about your interesting person whether he or she is best suited to you or not. For your love lasts for long life or called your true love, you should think about love each other heart by heart. True love is not depended on beauty, wealthy, rich or poor in any way. You must much consider on your lover's heart mined. Why true love is not depended on beauty, wealthy or position? Beauty, wealthy, or position are not human built-in things or as they will not be with you for long as good mined heart. You are beautiful or handsome is just in a period that you are young, but when become old, your beauty will go away. Wealthy can also be like your beauty. You are now rich, but it's not sure that 10 years later you will be still rich. Now you are millionaire, 20 years later, you may become a beggar. Now you are my boss, but any time later, you may become a worker, etc. For a valid good minded heart, when a person have this kind of heart, they will be a good minded hearty person until they die. So this is the best choice for you to find true love by using heart to heart technique to find a true long life love. Same feeling or same attitude between you and your partner can be considered as the best things to find a true love.

So this is just a small tips for you that i can share. Yeah, for sure that I'm not a doctor of love. It's just a few ideas what i understand about love. Please fill out more in any points that should be the best way to find a true love...

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