How to Know that You Are In Love?


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Often people delude themselves that they are not in love, whereas the truth is that their heart beats for someone special around them. The moment that special someone is around, they feel passionate. So, how actually do you get to know that you are in love? Read on to find out when are you in love.

· First of all, try to think what you want from an existing relationship with that special someone and where do you wish to take it. This question in itself will tell you that whether you are in love or not.

· Consider what kind of conversation you both make together. If you will observe this thing minutely, then you will realize whether there is a spark of love between you two or it is just a friendship.

· Take a pen and paper and pen down your feelings for that special someone and if at the end the things you express are related to love, then think you are in love my dear.

· Frankly, ask yourself that whether you can live and carry on your life without the presence of that person, for whom you feel you are getting attracted day by day.

· It is also important to realize whether that special someone is acceptable to you the way he or she is with his or her flaws and qualities. If you are ready to accept then you are definitely in love.

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