Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch


The Apple MacBook Pro promises much faster performance than the PowerBook. With the new Santa Rosa architecture, a new 256MB video card by Nvidia, Perpendicular Magnetic Recording hard drives, a jump to 4GB of RAM, a 50% faster SuperDrive and an industry-first LED-lit LCD screen, the new 2.4 GHz MacBook Pro is quite impressive.

The New Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch (Penryn) with sale price about $3,149 (direct), the 2.6-GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T9500 CPU a pivotal role in tearing up performance tests, including a compelling 15 percent increase in battery life.

The laptop MacBook Pro 15-inch having one of the best webcams we've ever seen, and a slick interface for accessing your favorite pictures, movies, and music. The picture is brilliant and sharp from corner to corner. And anything you view including the ultrathin display itself is a spectacular experience.

The MacBook Pro (Penryn) has an intriguing feature—the gesture-based touchpad, which debuted on the iPhone and later showed up on the MacBook Air. The included remote, which looks like an iPod Shuffle, initializes Front Row, which resembles a smoother version of Windows Media Center.

When you play with laptop MacBook Pro, this laptop reaches a new level of high-speed, high-end game-playing power. New Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch use the new NVIDIA GeForce 9400M integrated graphics processor for great everyday performance, laptop with graphics in full force. The catch to buying the MacBook Pro is that some Mac OS programs haven't been optimized to take advantage of Intel's processor.

Laptop MacBook Pro 15 inch is the first laptop to offer an LED-lit LCD screen. The LED-backlit display in the MacBook Pro is another feature that plays an important part in conserving energy, consuming 30 percent less power than conventional LCD displays.

Specification and Run System of Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch:

The laptop MacBook Pro 15-inch launched on January. The rigid aluminum keyboard webbing of MacBook Pro has been cut precisely to hold the keys. The keyboard is also illuminated, so when you’re in low-light settings, such as airplanes or conference rooms, you can always see what you’re typing.

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