Process of Falling in Love

Process of Falling in Love

There are two process of falling in love with someone:

Love first sight

Love at first sight is the love that happens suddenly when someone is interested in an object captured by the five senses. It is highly related to physical appearance, such as interest on a pretty face, a sexy body or a very sweet smile. But the love that happens at first sight are not usually last long (lasting), is due to both understand each other yet and personal characteristics of each.

Starting Because Love Used

Such as philosophy or Javanese proverb says "withing tresno jalaran soko kulino", or Love begins because it used to. The process of falling in love like this usually occurs through a rather long process. Where the two know each other, until the Interacting each know the advantages and drawbacks. Then will bear an affection until eventually both fall in love. There are so many advantages to fall in love like this, the relationship will be more mature and lasting as physical appearance is not a major factor of falling in love, but harmony, compatibility and mutual understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Well, that's the process of falling in love, where someone can say you're in love that makes everything so beautiful.