8 Meaning of Love


8 8 Meaning of Love

Talking about love is never ending, whether it be to see, hear or feel it's all so beautiful.

And love itself is universal, has a million meanings, meaning a million or even if written in one book would not be enough though.

But this time I'll write the love from the perspective of a different, here is 8 Meaning of Love :

Meaning of Love "Agriculture":
"Love must be nurtured, so that love can flourish and reap the happiness in the future".

Meaning of Love "Mathematics":
"Love is need a formula, to love so focused and not fall into a problem later".

Meaning of Love "Medicine":
"Love is need antibiotics, so in love so have immunity and makes love with something that is fun is not considered to be a virus".

Meaning of Love the "Bank":
"Love is the necessary investment, so love to have enough capital to give happiness to our partners".

Meaning of Love "Housewife":
"Love it needs a little seasoning, so that love was bland but delicious and feels delicious on both".

Meaning of Love "Sports":
"Love is need to exercise, for the love of fitness and stamina has not weakened if the illness".

Meaning of Love "comedian":
"Love is needed humor and laughter, to love not only tears and pain".

Meaning of Love "Infotaiment":
"Love it needed a bit of gossip, so that later married scrubbed more sip .... Hehehe".

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