Healthy School Lunches For Overweight Kids


Things to Consider
Keep in mind that the school's menu is not near as healthy as some may claim and what you pack will be healthier. Don't purchase chips, cookies and white bread to go into your child'slunchbox. Instead, place nuts with colorful, sweet coating in the bag; not too much since they can be considered unhealthy when consumed in large quantities.

Also, keep in mind that a number of the "kid-friendly" lunch items are "designed for kids" by simply adding a lot of sugar. Instead of kid yogurt, send an "adult" version. Replace fruit snackswith whole fruits, and so on.

And drinks! Stay away from juices, sodas, chocolate milk or whole fat milk, and some sports drinks. Water is always great. You can throw some small water bottles in the freezer the night before. By lunchtime,they'll be thawed, icy cold and refreshing. Sports drinks that are better than most are G2 or Power-Aid Zero, though I haven't found the Power-Aid Zero in the smaller containers.

It may seem like you're eliminating the good parts kids like in their lunchbox but you don't have to be. In lieu of cookies, pudding and more, give your child a mini-sized candy bar that can be found in a number of varieties such as Snickers, Butterfingers, Almond Joy, etc.

Here's a few good, healthy lunches that fit the bill perfectly:
No Bread "Sandwich"

2 oz of good quality lean ham, chicken, or turkey breast (from the deli, not packaged

1 string cheese (low fat)
1 whole fruit
1 vegetable item - something your kid likes, try to stay away from dips like ranch dressing
2 Hershey's kisses or "fun size" candy bars
Small bottle of water or Gatorade G2

Yogurt Pack

1 low fat yogurt (see above note on types to choose)
Granola sprinkles for the yogurt (mix a little flax seed in the granola sprinkles... they'll never notice!)
1 Apple (Gala reigns supreme!)
Flavoured rice cake mini's
2 Hershey's Kisses or mini-candy bars

Egg Pack

1 egg (hardboiled, make sure to peel it for them since kids often do not get more than 15 to 20 minutes for lunch break)
Carrots (baby Supremes do just fine)
Fruit (any kind)
Trail mix (small handful)
1 to 2 mini-candy bars
Water (in water bottle)

It is important to be creative and also talk to your child about what they like and what they don't like. There is no sense in sending a healthy, well planned lunch every day of your child will not eat it. One way to empower your child to make the right choices in things they eat is to send them to a weight loss camp where they will learn these skills. Armed with the knowledge they gain here, they'll be prepared for a life full of healthy eating decisions.

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